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vision and strategy company:

vision and strategy company:  The vision of NOCLINK Co. for general trading and limited communications is represented   in achieving International leadership and proliferation by providing high-quality technical   solutions and general services corresponding to international standards, and to be worthy   of the confidence of our customers in the ICT sector and general trading industry, through   a business strategy based on:  – Focusing on practical aspects regarding providing best solutions.  – Credibility, in order to earn the trust, satisfaction and loyalty of customers  – High quality of the products  – Meeting the deadlines of the handing over process of tasks and projects.  – Facilitation of work, which helps to create operational efficiency.  Our company is always ensuring to achieve the evolution and economic development for   our beloved Iraq, besides compliance with environmental standards of health and safety.

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- Engineering services
-Tower construction
- Communication solutions
- Security solutions -elevator
- Energy solutions
- Electrical services
- Construction and reconstruction services
- Oil and gas services

NOCLINK International Company, is one of the leading Iraqi companies in the field of general trading and limited liability communications, was established in Baghdad With the objective of assisting in the reconstruction and sustainable future development of our beloved Iraq, through the implementation of projects related to engineering and electrical services, building and construction services. Besides_achieving customer focused solutions, using experience, knowledge, creativity and hard work, the company includes a qualified and trained group of human cadres of workers and technicians Staff, specialized and experienced engineers and consultants in the general trading and communications sector with limited liability, who are working under the supervision and guidance of a characterized and professional administration that tries to benefit from everything new in the field and try to adapt it to serve the general objective of the company, which is to achieve success and progress at the national and international levels.

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